Andy Carroll pictured ‘lying on pillow next to woman’ as fiancé Billi Mucklow breaks silence

Poor Andy Carroll! Have a little fun at the party. Drink up to the throat. He was so drunk that it was difficult to get to his room!

Two women returned to the room with their companions on their shoulders. One of them took a picture and posted it on social media. Then the fire of sorrow in the happy house of Carroll!

Caroll, who came to English football with good potential, has played for clubs like Newcastle and Liverpool. He could not establish himself in that way. He is due to leave West Bromwich Albion this season. But whether he will run after the new club or not, it is Carroll’s responsibility to survive the marriage.

Carol’s love affair with Billy McClure, who starred in the English reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex,’ dates 2014. Two children have also come into the world due to their love. The two were also preparing to turn the passion of so many days into marriage. But now Billi Mucklow is bent over. Carol’s love doubles in the water if she doesn’t reveal what happened in Dubai and doesn’t show her all the pictures of that night!

According to the British tabloid ‘Sun,’ McCullough told Carol about this yesterday. He asked for a clear explanation of the incident and instructed Carroll to “hand over all the pictures to him.” If the West Bromwich Striker does not accept that, the marriage will not happen anymore. Mucklow”s relatives told the Sun that he had moved from Caroll’s home to his parents in Essex. A friend told Sun that Billy thought, “No matter how bad things are, this is the only way (to tell the story of the night and hand over all the pictures).”

Another close associate of Billy’s told the media, “Billy trusts Andy and stands by him all the time. Now he does not understand what to do. He is irate and has removed Andy from his WhatsApp profile. He’s still with her (Andy), but it’s a tough time. ‘

Andy Carroll and Billi Mucklow are both the same age. The 33-year-old couple fixed their wedding date two weeks later. Carol had her last bachelor party at a hotel in Dubai before the wedding. The disaster happened there. After drinking at the party for about 12 hours, Carol was no longer in a normal state. He was escorted to his hotel room by fitness instructor Phoebe Robb and bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkie. Both are pretty familiar faces.

Carroll was unconscious after moving to a 500-a-night rental called Fairmont Palm. He was lying unconscious on the bed. He was photographed with Phoebe Rob and Taylor Jane Wilkie. Taylor was sitting on the bed. Both posted pictures of themselves on Snapchat.

Taylor Wilkie probably realized that these pictures could create a storm of controversy. “We were drunk,” he explained. Andy Carroll was lying unconscious in bed. There was no sexual intercourse. At the end of the party, we all went back to the hotel with him. Andy and I were friends. Neither I nor we slept with him. He spent the whole day and night drinking. We listened to the song after returning to the hotel room with him. Andy went to bed and fainted. We left before morning. I also took pictures before coming. It was just fun. “

But soon after Andy Carroll returned from Dubai on Saturday, Billi Mucklow was questioned. Andy then went to his parent’s house with all the children from the previous home. Now it’s Caroll’s turn to explain everything.

But no matter what happens, Carol is sure to get a good education. Alcohol does not have to exceed the limits. Caroll fainted because she had crossed the line, and then the disaster happened. Poor thing!

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