Can Antonio Conte’s Spurs catch Arsenal?

Tonight, I’m counting the North London Derby between Tottenham and Arsenal on the pitch. At least Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be a ketchup-free zone tonight. Antonio Conte banned tomato sauce and made news when it arrived at the spur. What is the reason behind the ban, as it is also banned by the Red Half of North London, and what do players and fans think of it? It’s North London Derby and it’s a lot of good to digest It’s set as a very tasty treat in North London.

Can Antonio Conte’s Spurs catch Arsenal?

Derby always provides a big drop of passion and drama but holds a recently banned source Tottenham is a catch-up free zone, so red removal beats Antonio Conte’s clear idea of ​​red. Helps, but does his player agree with what I said? To one of them for a catch-up with Lucas Mora at the time of the stadium cafe is something like this here Tomato Ketchup I’m you I know it means that is banned by Antonio Conte Are you a fan of it? Don’t worry about the ban Yes I love ketchup and it’s okay, but I didn’t take it every day even before the Conte

Can Antonio Conte's Spurs catch Arsenal?
Can Antonio Conte’s Spurs catch Arsenal?

We must be smart We need to be professional I think it is very important to take care of our body and when you spend your holidays you have ketchup and chocolate Can enjoy I’m just wondering are there any other small changes you can tell me us? It’s not a secret that went around where that Conti gives you those fine margins that might be important, but if I tell you, it’s no longer a secret

So I have to keep it all about fine margins, but Kante is by no means the first person to ban ketchup, not the last pep, for example, not a fan of Fabio Capello is the boss of England, Tottenham The first thing I did was Juan de Ramos. Michael Dawson remembers it well and he may not like it. As you don’t believe I always say you think you’re a self-invested businessman

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Throughout my career, what you put in your body doesn’t suit everyone, and if you need to put something at the end of the day, you need to play and what makes you better I’m asking if you want to be a player Your result is just to do it in my opinion [Music] [Applause] This song about Conte’s Ketchup band doing rounds on social media [Applause] It’s the Singer Champions League Based on the final song of Mexico, but fortunately

Isn’t he having a guitar and some dangerous internet fans really crazy about this catch-up? The Christmas parties before and after each game loved entertainment, and I was lucky enough to be one of the performers, like a fan starting to swing a pouch. Well, you can get from the ground,

I’m just starting to sing to him about it, so I don’t know if he’ll go to the terrace and sing in the crowd, but it was certainly a lot of fun as a one-off yeah Ketchup Removal It was Arsene Wenger’s recorder a century ago that started the whole trend, but it was like the raw chicken vegetables you know, and he kept saying he chewed to win, and You literally had to chew your food was like soup in your mouth so it was quick to digest but it wasn’t but I have to say at the age of 28

It was best suited for me to make breakfast every morning, and when that happens, Antonio Conte doesn’t really follow his own strict rules and isn’t a big fan of ketchup, but the famous chocolate spread. I love a big drop of bread for breakfast every day, but these days I’m a coach, not a player. I think food is important to the player. Eating well, recovering, and increasing the energy of the game is a source-free zone on the pitch, but ketchup is definitely a favorite of this Tottenham Burger bar. Ketchup doesn’t stop on the bacon roll, but that means

I don’t know what he’s doing for reasons such as health, but I know a little that it doesn’t hurt people even though it’s high in salt and sugar, so I can understand it to some extent. If he says he does it well, I think Kante is now making the players healthier and making some improvements to the team’s victory in the North London Derby. Get closer and squeeze the weapons on the table that are coming to the screen near you.

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