Domingo Doesn’t Want A Quick Solution To Bangladesh Test Cricket Problems

One more Test series at home, one more series rate. After losing the Test series against the West Indies and Pakistan last year, this time, the opponent is Sri Lanka. With this, Mominul Haque’sHaque’s Bangladesh team won three consecutive Test series at home. The Mirpur Test could have ended in a draw after the Test match against Sri Lanka in Chittagong. But that did not happen due to the extreme failure of the batters. Batting twice in the same Test caused Bangladesh to lose another series at home.

According to Russell Domingo, the head coach of the Bangladesh team, the main reason is the lack of Test culture in the team. “I gave the boys a challenge before this Test series,” said Domingo. I asked them if they had ever won a series against a central Test team other than Zimbabwe. The answer was no. They have never lost to a big team in a Test series. Until we start winning the big Test series, we will not be able to go to the next step. We have to win the big series. “”

Domingo’s words also highlight the differences in culture between the Sri Lankan and the Bangladesh teams. Kasun Rajita and Asita Fernando are two experienced Sri Lankan fast bowlers like Khaled Ahmed and Ibadat Hossain in Test cricket. But the difference in the pace attack of the two teams on the field performance is clear. The fact that Rajita and Fernando became Test cricketers through a first-class process, Khaled and Ibadat did not get it.

Bangladesh’s top order failed twice in the same test

As Domingo put it, ”Test experience is probably one. But their young cricketers have a lot of first-class experience. In this case, a change in test culture must come. But that change will come when we can win more Tests. The interest in Test cricket will grow only when we win a big Test series. ”

The difference isn’tisn’t just limited to the playground, ”minor differences. Such as how Test cricketers are given caps, how much importance is given to Test cricketers, and what kind of spectators come on the field. No doubt, white-ball cricket is more important here. I think we are starting to be a good team in Test cricket. We started competing. But we need to improve one more step. I see the difference diminishing. “”

Bangladesh is not able to reach the next stage of development.

The character of the wicket also came up in their press conference of Domingo. Bangladesh’sBangladesh’s best moments in Test cricket came on spin-assisted wickets, where there was almost no batting-bowling competition. Domingo claims that those Test victories against England, Australia, and the West Indies have done more harm than good for Bangladesh. But that won’twon’t help build a Test team for the long haul. Respecting the previous Test victories, I say that the Test victory may have hurt us later. Because, when I played on a good wicket after that, I didn’tdidn’t do well. We will have no chance if we make spin-assisted wickets and then play good wickets outside the house. If we want to build a Test culture, we need to play good wickets to improve the performance of cricketers. “”

Bangladesh has played Tests on sporting wickets in the last three series at home. The result was not in favor of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is taking time to catch the character of a good wicket because of the habit of playing on bad wickets. However, Domingo did not want to go back to the easy way of getting back on the bad wicket to win, saying, “This Test wicket was good. The result came on the fifth day of the Test, a good wicket! There were flats in Chittagong. But there could also be fruit. They are used to playing bad wickets, so they can’tcan’t do well. I understand the frustration. The better wickets we play, the better the cricketers will improve. I know everyone wants to win. I know there is a chance of quick results. Playing on a bad wicket, we will score 120 runs by bowling out the opponent for 100 runs. Playing like this will not improve the team. Despite playing like this, I could not win the series. ”

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